🌐 Referral Program

The benefits for affiliates and referrals

  • A referral only needs a few seconds to setup his account after clicking the link.

  • No KYC, no register or other procedures that extend the on-boarding process for a new customer.

  • Referrals that sign up over an affiliate link receive a 10% discount on trading fees.

  • Monthly withdrawal options.

  • Coming soon: Affiliate Bonus Program

We are working on a new affiliate bonus program where new customers can receive up to $1,500 bonus by completing certain tasks. Also the affiliate will get a share for each completed task of his customer.

Invite and customer overview

Your invite link - overview of your customers and earnings can be found in the backoffice. The earned fees can be claimed at any time in the backoffice.

Manage your incoming payments directly on the Invite page.

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