🎁 Retroactive Trading

The earliest traders on the protocol will receive tokens for free.

This Event will be postponed to v2 exchange launch

What is Retroactive trading program? The Retroactive trading program intensifies early traders for trading on the protocol. It gives users the incentive to trade on the platform and is thus a powerful growth stimulant. Additionally to the Retroactive Trading Program, Trading Cycles are another tool designed to provide exactly this incentive in the long run. How many token will be distributed via Retroactive trading program? 4%of the total token supply (40,000,000 PALM - $8M with the launch price) will be distributed to early traders on the protocol based on their trading volume. To claim tokens, users must trade and reach milestones on the Palmswap Exchange within the first 30 days after the launch on the Mainnet. How does it work? There are seven allocation levels that track user activity via the Palmswap protocol. Each eligible user will be assigned to a tier based on their activity and will receive their token share on TGE 00:00 UTC based on their tier and total users that are in a tier. Milestones and reward Table:

Why Retroactive Trading Program? The Palmswap protocol should be managed by its users, so we believe it makes sense to reward early protocol adopters with a snapshot and giving them voting rights about the future of Palmswap. Claim, Use or Trade Tokens After connecting your wallet to the platform, your estimated Palm token allocation based on users in your specific tier and your volume mileage will be displayed in your back office. These tokens can be claimed as soon as the TGE has been performed. After TGE you have the possibility to use your Palm Tokens in one of the token utility areas like Farming or Staking.

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