How to Trade

Perpetual trading, powered by Palmswap.

Use the Palmswap interface to interact with the Protocol for perpetual trading, all within a unified interface.

Trade perpetual futures markets with up to 10x leverage. Long and short, with limit-, market- and more advanced order types.

Check out the trade page.

Portfolio and position management

Palmswap provides a truly robust, simple and intuitive user interface for managing your perpetual account and its liabilities.

View everything:

  • Account Value, Leverage, PNL, Tradingcycle Rewards.

  • Open Positions, Open Orders

  • Invite

  • Transaction history, fees

Manage your portfolio and all positions right on the Portfolio Page.

Choose an asset

In the beginning, Palmswap Protocol will offer just two markets. In the near future, it will be possible to add more markets to the protocol through community vote.

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

Place a trade from the palm of your 🤲

Once you have completed the steps at Get Started, connected your wallet and selected the market, the only question left is whether you will place a trade on rising (long) or falling (short) prices.

To open a trade, you have two options:

  • Entry via Market Order (immediately)

Visit the next page to find out more about Order Types.

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