Community Fair Launch

The first sale on PalmPad: PALM Community Fair Launch.

👉 Click here to jump straight to the PALM Community Fair Launch We had a lot of ideas how we are going to distribute the first tokens into the market. But the best way was to do it in form of a Community Fair Launch. Here's why:

  • With ICOs, users can buy the token at a fixed price and founders list the Token most times with a higher value. This leads to massive sell-offs at token release and believers in the project lose tons of money if the team fails to give the token proper use cases to attract more buyers and users.

  • At a Classic Fair Launch, the token is launched at a very low valuation to let the community pump up its price, with the intention of letting the market decide it's actual value. While this is a great idea, what usually happens in a Classic Fair Launch is that sniper bots and big whales control the whole Fair Launch. Sniper Bots can buy much faster than normal users and whales often over-spend on gas fees in order to "front-run" other buyers and buy first. The initial buying pressure results in a huge price spike, which attracts lots of retail investors. After the initial pump and retail investors jumping on board, sniper bots and whales sell their tokens and dump the price massively. In conclusion, not only you're losing money in a scenario like this, but also stressing to buy at the perfect time.

  • IDO, IEO, IFO sales can give a lot of marketing exposure but are also dangerous. On the one hand, you will be able to sell your token with a large platform's marketing and community strength. On the other hand, these platforms want the best deals for their communities and will try to squeeze your prize and aim for low to no vesting schedules at all. As a result, projects end up selling tokens for a very cheap price below their actual valuation and most of their buyers are in for a quick profit, which will also result in fast sell-offs.

None of the above strategies seemed appealing to us for our community that's why we decided to do something different for the PALM token launch. We picked out the best parts of each strategy, combined them together and came up with something unique.

Introducing Community Fair Launch - Designed to protect investors and support future growth

The PALM Community Fair Launch

The PALM Community Fair Launch will take place as the first sale on the brand new PalmPad from 20th September 2022 to 29th September 2022 at 12:00 PM UTC. You can purchase PALM only with BNB during those 3 Days. After the 3 Days on 24th September 2022, PALM will be listed on decentralized exchanges first with 2x of the latest average price given on the Community Fair Launch.

Total Allocation

100,000,000 PALM

Initial Supply

10% of Total Token Supply


AVG. Price (is calculated during the sale)

Cap per Subscriber (Subscription)

No Cap

Token Vesting Period

25% at TGE / 75% over 90 days daily - starting day 30 after TGE

Token Type

BNB Smart Chain

Token Distribution

During the Distribution Period


For users participating in the Community Fair Launch: Your final allocation of PALM = (The amount of BNB you deposited into the pool: Total deposited amount of BNB by all participants) * 100,000,000 PALM that has been allocated to the Community Fair Launch.

After completion of the Community Fair Launch and the determination of the average price for each user, the corresponding amount of PALM will be allocated to each participant. After TGE, PALM tokens can be claimed on the "Vesting" page.

The Community Fair Launch price calculation formula:

What happens after the Community Fair Launch ends?

At the end of the deposit period, on September 29, the share of the entire pool will be calculated for us to know exactly who invested how many ( %) BNB into the pool.

At the official platform and token launch on September 30, the following 2 actions will be performed by the "Fair Launch Pool":

  • Add initial liquidity: Approximately $500.000 in BNB paired with exactly 10,000,000 PALM tokens. This sets the Listing Price to $0.05.

  • Add additional liquidity: In the next transaction, BNBs from the fair launch pool are used to increase PALM's liquidity on the open market (Pancakeswap), which immediately drives up the price. The price is now referred to as the "listing price." From now on, the token can be traded on Pancakeswap.

The Benefits of the Community Fair Launch

  • Stress-free. The deposit pool for the Community Fair Launch is open for 3 days.

  • Completely fair and equal. Every participant will get the same price.

  • The listing price that everyone who didn't participate in the Community Fair Launch can buy is exactly 2x higher than the average price of all participants.

  • No need to worry about sniper bots, slippage, gas fees, or a fast internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Fair Launch?

In a Community Fair Launch, the price is adjusted, depending on the amount of deposits. The more BNBs are deposited in total, the more the price will increase. It doesn't matter if you invest on day 1 or day 3, at a Community Fair Launch every user gets the same average price.

How long is the deposit pool open?

The Community Fair Launch will take place from the 20th to the 29th of September, so the deposit Pool will be open only for 9 Days.

Can I withdraw my funds once I've deposited them into the pool?

No, once you deposited into the pool there is no option to withdraw your funds.

Who can participate?

As it is a Community Fair Launch, everybody can participate and buy PALM.

Can I use BUSD to participate?

No, only BNB will be accepted in the contract.

When will I get my PALM tokens and will they be vested?

25% of tokens will be released at TGE / 75% over 90 days daily - starting day 30 after TGE. Like this people will have direct access to a part of their tokens. At the same time, we ensure that not too many tokens will be flushed into the market directly in the beginning.

How do I get my purchased PALM token in my wallet?

In the vesting section in the dashboard, you can claim your purchased tokens.

How is the 2x generated?

Every participant in the Community Fair Launch gets the same "Average Price" which is calculated the following:

Average Price = "Invested Sum" / "Number of bought tokens"

After the deposit pool has used its BNBs to buy PALM, the price jumps to the "New Price". On decentralized exchanges like pancakeswap the price is calculated by the "Constant Product Formula".

What should I do with my claimed PALM?

No Financial Advice: You're free to sell your PALM tokens straight away, or you can put them into Staking or Farm and multiply them. Due to the high Staking APRs in the first months, it is easy to accumulate a larger number of PALMs. Besides earning more tokens, Staking Pools offer other benefits in the Palmswap ecosystem such as discounts on trading fees, participation in further Palm Pad projects, increase in Affiliate Commission, all of which will be available with the DEX launch on November 1st.

You will have to decide for yourself if you want to be part of this project in the short or long term.

Is there a minimum / maximum Invest amount?

No there isn't.

How does the referral program work?

When a user invites another user, he will receive a 3% reward of the invested amount in PALM. The exact PALM amount to claim from the referral program is adjusted constantly throughout the sale, as the PALM price will change.

Additionally, all customers invited to the Launchpad will also be registered as referrals on the Exchange, which will benefit referrals of a 10% discount on trading fees.

Are there any additional fees to pay?

No, except for the transaction fees that have to be paid on the BNB chain, there are no additional costs.

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