Trade with Palmswap

There will be two protocols of Palmswap. The intention behind both protocols is to meet the needs of average and institutional-grade traders. We offer 100% on-chain perpetuals on v1 with a VAMM model and soon a hybrid infrastructure with order book on v2 to ensure optimal slippage, liquidity, and high-speed settlement of trades for traders.

What can I do on the Exchange?

  • open long positions (bet that the price of a coin goes up)

  • open short positions (bet that the price goes down)

  • leverage up (use borrowed funds to trade assets more than your wallet balances) without owning the underlying asset.

  • open take profit orders (closing a position in profit once the trigger price is reached)

  • open stop loss orders (securing a position in a loss once the trigger price is reached)

  • open conditional orders (place a short limit order below the current price or a long order above the current price)

Protocol v1

The v1 protocol uses vAMM for settlement and meets the needs of small to medium-sized traders who will be able to trade 100% on-chain. You can trade with low slippage and enjoy the secured liquidity benefits of vAMM.

Key Features of v1: vAMM

  • Leverage Traders can trade with up to 10x leverage long or short and have transparent fees.

  • Guaranteed Liquidity Provided by vAMM Every asset can be supported via a perpetual contract on the Palmswap Protocol.

  • Order Types via integrated smart wallets, users have the possibility to place different types of orders.


Earn & Win

Earn PALM for free with high-interest rates.

Earn Tokens with Staking Stake PALM, and earn free tokens. It’s really that easy. PALM stakers will earn tokens from other launchpad projects in the future. New projects will be added regularly, so you can benefit even more, for even longer. Earn Tokens with Farm Stake LP tokens, and earn PALM. You take on a bit more exposure to market fluctuations compared to staking pools but can earn higher APR to offset the risk. Earn Tokens with Trading Cycle Trade on Palmswap, and earn free tokens. 28.90% of the initial token supply (289,000,000 PALM) will be distributed to users who trade on the Palmswap Protocol based on a combination of trading volume and open interest. Earn Tokens with Retroactive Trading Rewards Trade on Palmswap, reach Milestones & win. 4% of the initial token supply (40,000,000 PALM) will be distributed to users who complete certain trading milestones on the Protocol within the first 28 days after the public mainnet launch.

Our Vision

Our goal is to build an ecosystem of DeFi products. Each Palm product will fill a gap in the market and solve problems in the sector. Our main focus in the first place is the Perpetual DEX, which we aim to become the best, safest and most usable trading protocol globally on the BNB Smart Chain.

Building on Ethereum at its current state would have prevented us from deploying the best possible user experience. Therefore we decided to start on BNB Smart Chain instead but we will implement cross-chain compatibility soon as well to take care of the needs of all Traders.

Everything you need to start on the DEX

  • A wallet that supports BNB Smart Chain, e.g: Metamask

  • USDT and a small amount of BNB on BNB Smart Chain

  • Deposit your USDT to the Exchange and start trading

  • More Details: Get started

Advantages over central derivatives exchanges

  • No registration. No intermediary. No KYC.

  • Full control over your assets

  • Low fees

  • Rewards for trading - Trading Cycles

  • Governance

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