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This document describes the principle of a Community Fair Launch of Future Projects.

Buy new tokens using PALM.

The project gets the PALM, Palmswap burns the participation fees in PALM. Users get the tokens of the new project.

CFL (Community-Fair-Launch) is a method used on the Palm Pad for token distribution and initial pricing.

How can I participate in a CFL (Community-Fair-Launch)?

Check the guide for details.

What is the “Community Fair Launch” sale method?

TLDR: Basically, the more you put in, the more you will get, and everyone gets the same price.

The Community Fair Launch is about finding a fair distribution of the token and an initial pricing. In the “Community Fair Launch” method, users can deposit as much or as little as they want to the CFL-Pool. Their final allocation will be based on the amount deposited as a percentage of all funds deposited into the pool by all participants, at the time the sale ends.

Learn more about Community Fair Launch.

What happens if the CFL doesn't raise all the funds targeted?

The sale will proceed as normal, and all funds contributed will be spent.

Want to launch your own CFL?

Launch your project with Palmswap - Apply will be released Q1 2023.

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Community Fair Launch

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