Alpha NFT Whitelisting

Win & be 1 out of 250 accessors of the Palmswap Alpha Perpetual DEX on 3rd of October, 2022.

To get access to the Alpha DEX you need a NFT that is limited to 250 pieces. Every NFT includes 10,000 PALM Tokens that are claimable after placing 5 trades on the Alpha Mainnet. PALM ALPHA NFT winners get:

- 1 of 250 PALM ALPHA NFTs - Access on Palm alpha mainnet - 10,000 PALM - More rewards on the Platform - Palmswap VIP user status

How can I participate in the whitelist competition? You need to fulfill a few steps with very simple actions like following our socials, interacting and speaking about Palmswap, entering your E-mail to our Newsletter, etc. Please keep in mind that the competition is big with thousands of participants, so make sure to fulfill all steps to increase your chance to WIN. Distribution The competition will end on the 20th of September, 2022. The tokens are awarded after placing 5 trades on the Alpha Mainnet, the tokens can be claimed after the Alpha Mainnet is finished.

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