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What is allowed

Use Palmswaps Brand Assets only when you are:

  • ✅ Referring to our products and services

  • ✅ Linking to our official site or products, such as "Trade our token on PancakeSwap"

  • ✅ Announcing an official partnership, but only if you have official approval by a qualified member of the Palmswap team

For information on other uses of our Brand Assets, please reach out at

What is not allowed

  • ⛔️ Don't use our Brand Assets in your products' name, logo, NFTs, etc.

  • ⛔️ Don't use our Brand Assets to create digital or physcial products for sale

  • ⛔️ Don't create derivative names that imply official endorsement (i.E community channels)

  • ⛔️ Don't change or adapt our Brand Assets in any way

Use your common sense and creativity. If you want to make something relating to the Palmswap ecosystem, make it your own. Have fun making a unique brand that's clearly yours - if your product is strong, you won't need to rely on remixing Palmswaps brand.

Palmswap Logo Downloads

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